• Age of Legend

    Elves settle in the Fangwood

    There, they discover numerous fey creatures and breaches to the First World. The elves and fey coexist peacefully, with the elves forming an unparalleled connection to the veils between the planes.

  • –5293 ar


    The Fangwood’s elves scatter. Many head to Kyonin, though some flee to the First World, where they eventually find that most breaches to the Material Plane have closed.

  • –5102 ar

    Orcs arrive…

    Hordes of newly emerged orcs bent on slaughter sweep over the northern lands. Kellid chieftains band together to battle the orcs.

  • –4944 ar

    Dwarves of Kraggodan

    The dwarven leader Kraggodan leads his clan to the surface, following King Taargick’s successful Quest for Sky less than 50 years prior.

  • –4901 ar

    Sky Citadel

    Primary construction of the Sky Citadel of Kraggodan is completed.

  • –4000 ar

    Kellid Clans

    Kellid clans claim distinct territories within and around the Fangwood.

  • –3852 ar

    Accressiel Court Forms

    The glaistig Gendowyn forms the Accressiel court in the Fangwood.

  • –3850 ar

    Haunted Forest

    The first rumors of supposed hauntings in the Fangwood spread among the Kellid tribes. The Kellids declare the forest forbidden.

  • –3701 ar


    Gendowyn contacts the Kellid chieftain Ilba. The two form an alliance lasting millennia.

  • 492 ar

    Taldor Invades

    Taldor’s Second Army of Exploration first enters the region and clashes briefly with the local Kellid and orc tribes. With the help of their fey allies, the Kellids eventually push the Taldans out of the region.

  • 896 ar

    Aroden Victorious

    Aroden battles and defeats the wizard king Tar-Baphon on the Isle of Terror.

  • 2693 ar

    Tessarael’s Tower

    The exiled elven transmuter Tessarael journeys to the Fangwood to construct her now-ruined tower.

  • 3203 ar

    The Whispering Tyrant

    Tar-Baphon returns as the lich called the Whispering Tyrant, uniting the orcs and terrorizing central Avistan.

  • 3203 ar

    Alliance Abandoned

    Gendowyn and the fey courts retreat into the deepest reaches of the Fangwood, abandoning the Kellids. They use magic and trickery to keep their existence hidden from the Whispering Tyrant.

  • 3754 ar

    The Shining Crusade

    Taldor launches the Shining Crusade and marches against the lich known as the Whispering Tyrant.

  • 3801 ar

    Dwarven Aid

    Kraggodan sends a large contingent of warriors to aid the Shining Crusade in its war against Tar-Baphon, radically reducing the Sky Citadel’s population.

  • 3827 ar


    The Whispering Tyrant is imprisoned in Gallowspire.

  • 3828 ar


    The Shining Crusade officially ends, and the remaining soldiers found the nation of Lastwall. More independent-minded veterans settle around the Fangwood Forest.

  • 3981 ar

    Dwarven Diplomacy

    After the Rending devastates dwarven culture, the dwarves of Kraggodan establish diplomatic ties with the fey court of Accressiel and its glaistig queen, Gendowyn, deep within the mysterious Fangwood

  • 4062 ar

    Fallen Fey

    The covetous and corrupted dryad Arlantia unleashes the Darkblight in the central Fangwood, toppling the existing fey kingdom.

  • 4305 ar


    Emperor Haliad III of Cheliax begins the Everwar by claiming land in Molthune and Varisia.

  • 4311 ar

    Molthune Surrenders

    Molthune surrenders fully to the Chelish army. It is the first formal addition to the empire since the founding of Sargava.

  • 4320 ar

    Chelish Colonists Arrive

    Chelish colonists arrive en masse to begin taming the newly conquered lands west of Lake Encarthan.

  • 4522 ar

    Kassen Founded

    Ekat Kassen founds the town of Kassen, marking the southern border of Lastwall and the northern reach of what would eventually become Nirmathas.

  • 4607 ar

    A God Dies

    Emperor Gaspodar sends Hellknights into Molthune to put down riots and panic in the wake of Aroden’s death.

  • 4632 ar

    Molthune Secedes!

    Molthune secedes from Cheliax and implements tight economic policies. The less-developed northern reaches, which see little benefit, resent this control bitterly.

  • 4646 ar

    Tainted Meat

    A shipment of tainted meat reaches Canorate, sickening countless citizens and causing widespread panic. Fangwood hunters are determined to be the saboteurs.

  • 4646 ar

    The First Offense

    The Molthuni army attacks and seizes the city of Tamran in the First Offense. Nirmathas reclaims the city within months and tears down the city’s walls.

  • 4647 ar

    The Second Offense

    Molthune takes Tamran again, holding it for only a few weeks before it must move its martial forces south to fend off attacks from the Chernasardo Rangers.

  • 4648 ar

    The Freedom War

    Irgal Nirmath begins gathering and training isolated settlers into an organized rebellion against Molthuni rule, beginning the Freedom War. In response, Molthuni forces construct Fangwood Keep along the front lines of the conflict with Nirmathas.

  • 4649 ar

    Deadeye’s Gulch

    Molthune exiles supporters of Nirmathi succession. Rebels under the direction of Irgal Nirmath set fire to the Sharpfang logging camp. Molthune seizes Tamran again, holding the city for over 6 months until the battle at Deadeye’s Gulch divides its tactics and attention.

  • 4651 ar

    Battle of Bloody Teeth

    The Molthuni army retakes Tamran and holds it for less than a week in the Battle of Bloody Teeth.

  • 4655 ar

    Nirmathas Is Born!

    A shaky border between the rebelheld lands and Molthune solidifies, and the rebels declare their victory; the same night, Irgal Nirmath is killed by an unknown assassin. The rebels officially name their new nation Nirmathas in honor of their fallen leader.

  • 4660 ar

    Fangwood Cursed!

    As the people of Nirmathas explore the forest interior, several encounters with the Darkblight lend weight to rumors that the central Fangwood is cursed. These explorers inadvertently enable the beginning of smaller blights elsewhere in the woods, starting the Darkblight’s recent and much more aggressive expansion.

  • 4686 ar

    Night Of Raining Fire

    Molthune seizes Tamran and then burns significant parts of it to the ground in the Night of Raining Fire.

  • 4687 ar

    Tamran Rebuilt

    Nirmathi citizens finish rebuilding Tamran, and Molthune tentatively abandons its efforts to retake the city.

  • 4697 ar

    Goblinblood Wars

    The Goblinblood Wars ravage Isger for 4 years. The wars’ conclusion in 4701 ar drives many remaining hobgoblins north into the Menador Mountains and Molthune, where the nation begins employing skilled veteran hobgoblins as mercenaries.

  • 4699 ar

    Fort Ramgate Started

    Construction begins on the massive border fortress now known as Fort Ramgate amid constant changes in territorial control.

  • 4703 ar

    Fangwood Keep

    Molthune loses control of Fangwood Keep, allowing the Nirmathi front to push several dozen miles south into Molthuni territory.

  • 4705 ar

    Pathfinder Society

    The Pathfinder Society founds a lodge in Tamran. In response, Molthune declares the Pathfinder Society enemies of the state and refuses to work with the organization.

  • 4707 ar

    Bloodsworn Veil

    Adventurers reopen the passage between Varisia and Nirmathas via the Bloodsworn Veil.

  • 4708 ar


    Faced with starvation, the free citystate of Cettigne reluctantly becomes a province of Molthune in exchange for relief supplies.

  • 4709 ar

    The Living God

    The cult of the Living God Razmir begins making deliberate pushes into Nirmathas and Molthune, hoping to find new converts and expand its influence.

  • 4711 ar

    Fort Ramgate Completed

    Construction on Fort Ramgate along the volatile border between Molthune and Nirmathas is completed.

  • 4715 ar

    Fort Ramgate Completed

    Hobgoblin mercenaries at Fort Ramgate slaughter over 90% of an invading Nirmathi force and then against Molthuni policy turn on civilian support personnel camped in the nearby woods. The Nirmathi name this battle the Ramgate Massacre.


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